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As the UK’s leading supplier of cartons we have an extensive range of stock sizes specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Modular Cartons

As the UK’s leading supplier of modular cartons we have an extensive range of stock sizes specifically designed to meet your requirements, tried and tested to industry standards. Manufactured in high quality, rigid flute, corrugated kraft board, our modular cartons are strong, long lasting and competitively priced. Available for immediate despatch, each modular carton has our unique branding which includes a dual purpose grid located on the top flaps for use as a removal/ storage carton or a standard despatch box. The modular carton system allows for optimum use of space and is compatible with our range of shipping cartons. Ask our sales team about bulk delivery discounts and custom printing options.

Carton Size Board Grade
Pack1 (Short/Book Box) 18"x18"x10" 450x450x250mm Kraft D/W
Pack 2 (Large/Tea Chest) 18"x18"x20" 450x450x500mm Kraft D/W
Pack 3 (Tall/China Barrel) 18"x18"x30" 450x450x750mm Kraft D/W
Pack 36 (Long/Linen) 36"x18"x10" 900x450x250mm Kraft D/W
Pack 5 (Extra Large/Lampshade) 24"x24"x24" 600x600x600mm Kraft D/W
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Shipping Cartons & Optiledge

The ‘S’ range of shipping cartons is specifically designed to protect export shipments. Manufactured from heavy duty ‘Toughwall’ board and wire stitched, our stock sizes are designed to compliment the range of modular cartons to allow optimum use of space. Bespoke pallet boxes or ‘cap and sleeve’ packs can be made to your specification.

Carton Size Board Grade
S1 to accommodate 8 x No. 2 Cartons
953x953x1080mm 37.5"x37.5"x42.5"
S2 to accommodate 4 x No. 3 Cartons
953x953x800mm 37.5"x37.5"x31.5"
S3 to accommodate 4 x No. 2 Cartons
953x953x546mm 37.5"x37.5"x21.5"
S4 to accommodate 2 x No. 3 Cartons
939x476x800mm S4 37"x19"x31.5"

The revolutionary one way Optiledge system is a simple, lightweight, L-shaped unit transport device, which can be fitted in a number of ways to accommodate an endless variety of goods. Manufactured from high impact polypropylene Optiledge is 100% recyclable, and a pair are capable of supporting almost two tons of product.

Optiledge is hygienic, easily stored, extremely cost effective and works with most common handling equipment.

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Specialised Cartons

We stock an extensive range of specialised packing and shipping cartons. Custom print available.

Carton Size Board Grade
Bike Box (CTNBK01) 58"x9"x38" 1473x228x965mm Heavy Duty D/W
Golf Box (CTNGB1) 13"x10"x47" 330x254x1194mm Heavy Duty D/W
Mirror / Picture Pack (MPD2 & MPS2) 32"x22"x3.5" 815x560x90mm D/W & S/W
Plasma Carton (CTNPLA01) 48"x8"x34.5" 1200mmx200mmx870mm Heavy Duty D/W
Computer Box (CTNCB01) 22"x22"x22" 560x560x560mm Heavy Duty D/W
Bitz Box (CTNBB01) 9"x9"x10" 229x229x254mm S/W
CD/DVD Carton (CTNDVD01) 26"x6"x6" 584x152x152mm S/W
Pet Carrier (CTNPC01) 18"x10"x12.5" 457x255x315mm S/W

The mirror picture cartons have two open sides allowing them to be interlocked for the packing of larger mirrors/pictures.

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Pack 6 and Bottle and Glass Packs

The Pack 6 is ideal for books and crockery and with the addition of cell divider sets can be adapted to pack bottles and glasses.

Carton Size Board Grade
Pack 6 (CTN6BM01) 18"x13"x13" 457x330x330mm D/W
Wine Pack (CTN6CD01) 15 cells S/W
Glass Pack (CTN6CD02) 30 cells (+ layer pad) S/W
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Garment Transportation

Wardrobe cartons are ideal for the transportation and storage of garments. The die-cut cases are designed with a hinged access door, pre-cut carrying slots and used with a plastic hanging bar/rail. Our stock range of garment transportation cartons are produced from heavy duty double wall kraft board to offer maximum strength and longevity. The strongest of all is the ‘Toughwall’ wardrobe made from kraft/kraft export strength cardboard.

Bulk delivery prices and custom printed options are also available.

Code Size Board Grade Bar Size
WCB2 20"x6"x42.5" (single suit) Kraft D/W 6"
WCB8 20"x12"x42" (mini wardrobe) Kraft D/W 12"
WCB7 20"x18"x40" (short wardrobe) Kraft D/W 18"
WCB1 20"x18"x48" (standard wardrobe) Kraft D/W 18"
WCT1 20"x18"x48" (toughwall wardrobe) Kraft T/W 18“
WCPL1 20"x18"x48" (Plastic Wardrobe) Plastic T/W 18"
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Sheet Board

Available in single or double wall, cardboard sheet board is ideal for export wrapping, layer dividing and pallet top covers. We offer a number of standard sizes but sheet board can easily be cut to your specific requirements. Please contact us for further details.

Board Grade Size
Double Wall 2410x3000mm 1205x1500mm
Single Wall 2410x2500mm 1205x1250mm
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Recycling Bin

Supplied flat packed with a separate base and lid, Cardboard Recycling Bins are easy to assemble and ideal for your office recycling scheme.

Carton Size Grade
Cardboard Recycling Bin 15"x15"x20" 380x380x520mm D/W
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Archive Storage Cartons

The “File Away” Archive Storage carton is extensively used in the office, document storage and commercial markets.

Easily assembled without the need for sealing tape these Archive Cartons are available in a number of stock sizes with carry handles and include printed panels for identification of content, destroy by date and barcode label position points.

Bespoke sizes of Archive Storage Cartons can also be manufactured to suit your requirements with custom printing options available.

Code Size Carton
FAL1 385mmx310mmx245mm 1 piece File Away Archive Carton
FAL2 406mmx 331mmx318mm 1 piece File Away Archive Carton
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