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Coversafe Furniture Protectors

The Coversafe range of pre-formed material furniture protectors, offer protection during transportation and storage.

Coversafe Furniture Protectors

The Coversafe range of pre-formed material furniture protectors, offer protection during transportation and storage. An economical and long lasting alternative to other forms of packaging, Coversafe can be used time and time again.

Manufactured from top quality materials, the outer cover consists of a heavy duty, shower proof, synthetic layer to give long lasting protection against the elements.

The Coversafe lining is made from 200g/m2 quilted material which is cross stitched and suitable for any surface, from highly polished furniture to leather suites, ensuring no abrasions, scratching or residue occurs during transit as often happens with traditional mixed fibre blanket linings.

The Coversafe Furniture Protectors are easy to fit with elasticated enclosures, strong webbing belts and heavy duty buckle fasteners. Coversafe is available in a range of colours and can be custom made to your requirements.

Code Description
PC01 Red Quilted Upright Piano Cover
PC02 Red Quilted Grand Piano Cover
PC03 Black Quilted Upright Piano Cover
SP01 Black Quilted Armchair Cover
SP02 Black Quilted 2 Seater Cover
SP03 Black Quilted 3 Seater Cover
SP04 Black Quilted 4 Seater Cover
SP05 Red Quilted Armchair Cover
SP06 Red Quilted 2 Seater Cover
SP07 Red Quilted 3 Seater Cover
SP08 Red Quilted 4 Seater Cover
SP09 Red Quilted Dining Chair Cover
SP10 Red Quilted Dining Table Cover
SP11 Red Quilted Small Wardrobe Cover
SP12 Red Quilted Small Wardrobe Cover
SP13 Red Quilted Fridge Freezer Cover
SP14 Black Quilted Washing Machine Cover
SP15 Red Quilted Door Cover
SP16 Red Storage Bag
SP17 Black Storage Bag
SP18 Red Quilted Bannister Cover
SP21 Red Double Mattress Cover (6ft)
SP22 Red Quilted Washing Machine Cover
DFP01 Door Frame Protector (Jammer)
SP29 3 in 1 Plasma TV Cover
SP30 Mirror / Picture Cover
SP31 American Fridge / Freezer

Our range of Coversafe Furniture Protectors provide:

  • Improved protection during transit and storage
  • Easy Installation
  • Economic and long lasting protection
  • Professional Image
  • Large choice of sizes available from stock
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Mirror/Picture Covers

The Mirror / Picture Covers with internal dividers are secured with strong straps and buckles, protected with plastic sheets at the front and back, two handles and a two way zipper. Customers can specify the number of dividers to suit their requirement.

Code Size
SP30 1050x750x200mm

Covers can be manufactured to bespoke sizes: (length x Width x Height)

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Forearm Forklift

The ingenious Forearm Forklift is an adjustable lifting strap which makes the items being carried seem lighter. The comfortable Forearm Forklift straps encourage correct lifting techniques whilst stabilising furniture to reduce the chances of collision and damage. The Forearm Forklift comes with full lifting instructions in a retail pack for resale.

(Length 9ft 4”. 600 lbs weight)

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