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No other company offers so many acclaimed forms of furniture and floor protection
Providing an impeccable level of protection to all of the furniture and floors with which your organisation comes into contact is almost impossible without the right products for this purpose. That’s why we have long been so committed here at Simpson Packaging to supplying furniture and floor protection in a vast range of forms
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Warehouse and handling equipment can be much wider-ranging than you might think
Such warehouse and handling essentials are all in stock at Simpson Packaging right now, and help organisations like yours to get more out of their day-to-day operations
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Discover our Coversafe and Ecopac covers and other acclaimed forms of furniture protection
Coversafe furniture covers are available that have been specifically designed for the protection of such items as grand pianos, armchairs and dining chairs, but they’re not our only acclaimed option
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You’ve got a lot of options for specialised polythene products from us
Even the most basic polythene bags that we offer, for instance, come in various sizes and thicknesses from stock and are great for protecting various items from dust and moisture
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Stretch wrap and shrink wrap are among our bestselling polythene products
if your organisation in the furniture, self-storage or removals industry requires almost any form of shrink wrap, stretch wrap or the associated machinery, or for that matter, more vaguely related items such as cartons, adhesive tapes or padlocks, Simpson Packaging may be the only source that you ever require
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What is the Self Pak range of accessories, cartons and padlocks about?
There's many a great reason to order from our Self Pak selection of removal kits, storage cartons, polythene covers, padlocks and everything in-between.
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An astonishing variety of adhesive tape for all manner of needs
From perm/peel tape, acrylic foam tape and hazard/barrier tape, right through to aluminium foil tape, tamper evident security tape and heavy-duty carpet tape, among the vast range of other adhesive tapes on offer from Simpson Packaging right now
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A truly all-encompassing protective packaging range
Order from the vast selection of protective packaging that Simpson Packaging can offer, including bubble wrap, foam rolls, corner protectors and many more in-demand options.
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Make us your first choice for industry-leading strapping products and tools
But if it's any of a wide range of equipment commonly associated with the strapping process that you really need to invest in, well, we can provide an invaluable service for you there
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Cartons come in many more forms than you might think
We really do have a carton for almost every conceivable requirement, although for so many of the organisations that we serve, the most useful type of carton that we offer will always be the modular carton
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