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Certainly, we know a thing or two here at Simpson Packaging about what bubbles can do to keep the vital goods being stored or transported by your company safe and secure

The central principle of protective packaging - to shield all manner of often delicate, vulnerable and important goods from damage - may be simple enough, but the many ways in which this can be achieved shows that there's far from a single 'one-size-fits-all' solution in this category of packaging.

Indeed, there may be few better ways to appreciate this than by perusing the far-reaching range of such protective packaging on offer right now at Simpson Packaging.

Even the most 'straightforward' of our protective packaging options, in fact, offer sometimes overlooked levels of sophistication. Our 'standard' bubble wrap, for instance, is anything but standard with regard to its remarkable versatility, user friendliness, shock resistance and strength.

Standard and large bubble wrap is available from us in widths ranging from 150mm to 2400mm. However, there are also so many specialist options in stock in our online store at any one time, such as anti-static (pink) bubble wrap when you need to protect electronic devices, as well as the likes of flame retardant bubble wrap, heavy duty bubble wrap and UV resistant bubble wrap.

Certainly, we know a thing or two here at Simpson Packaging about what bubbles can do to keep the vital goods being stored or transported by your company safe and secure. That's why we are also so delighted to be able to offer such innovative options as lightweight preformed bubble bags/pouches, together with Softline Bubble Blanket that is designed to protect any type of furniture during transit and storage, offering excellent flexibility while minimising waste.

Foam is another material that has more than proved its worth for protective packaging purposes down the years, so you shouldn't be surprised to learn that we have many forms of it on offer at Simpson Packaging. Our polyethylene foam rolls have always been popular on account of their stellar cleanliness, toughness and moisture resistance, and again, many specialist forms can be purchased, such as kraft laminated foam rolls, cohesive foam rolls and foam sheets and pouches.

On the subject of more specialised possibilities, though, did you know that dedicated corner protective products are also available from us? We can give you various ex-stock 'UT' profile foam corners for the better protection of doors, tables and panels, alongside three types of plastic corner protector from which to select - open corner, closed corner and expanding corner.

Visit the complete section of our site devoted to protective packaging today to see how items in this key category can go well beyond the most basic of bubble wrap. Then, give some thought to the many other essentials - such as paper products, cartons, strapping products, book wraps and padlocks - that we can also supply to you at competitive prices, as part of the most professional, friendly and responsive service.


















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