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Our commitment to bringing you the most comprehensive range of protective packaging and machinery on the market is unrelenting here at Simpson Packaging

Does your organisation have all of the forms of protective packaging that it needs to ensure the vital goods you are tasked with storing and transporting actually remain in the best possible condition? Even if you have been working in the self-storage, furniture or removals sectors for years, you may still be surprised by how many options there are for shielding all manner of items from harm.

Yes, some of our products in our renowned protective packaging range are very much as you would expect. Almost everyone is aware of the sheer versatility of bubble wrap, for example, which comes in so many different useful forms here at Simpson Packaging, including anti-static bubble wrap, heavy duty bubble wrap, flame retardant bubble wrap and so many more. We also offer certain more drastic twists on the bubble wrap theme, such as Bonus Bubble and Softline Bubble Blankets.

But you could look up and down our extensive selection of protective packaging – which you will find detailed on our website – and discover options that you have never seriously considered before for certain specialised applications. Have you ever used polyethylene foam rolls, for instance? Foam provides exceptional protection, thanks to its manufacture from millions of air filled cells, and with our rolls being available in various forms such as kraft laminated foam rolls, foam sheets and foam pouches, you can be assured of cost-effective and uniform protection.

We are also proud to be able to offer single-faced corrugated paper rolls, which are completely manufactured from recycled paper and are great to simply have around in the warehouse, given the wealth of low-cost general purpose applications they can have. Polystyrene, too, is remarkably versatile and affordable, so you shouldn’t be surprised that we stock it in sheets and can also have it manufactured in accordance with your own design, for those slightly more demanding packaging applications.

One other protective packaging solution of ours that we simply must mention is voidfill. Also known as loosefill, it’s a product that almost everyone is familiar with, but you may not presently be using voidfill that is biodegradable, which makes a big difference beyond environmental friendliness. Biodegradable voidfill is easy to dispose of – disappearing as soon as a good rain shower hits – and isn’t subject to waste packaging regulations as paper, plastic and polystyrene are. It is also odour free, and provides a high standard of cushioning. It’s even cheaper than polystyrene voidfill.

On the subject of voidfill, we even offer many machines that enable you to use yours more efficiently. These include the Opus and Cello II machines that help to speed up operations in large-scale packing environments, with both running recyclable, biodegradable cushions. Or maybe you prefer the look of the Opus Paper Filler, which the user controls via a foot-operated pedal for swift paper flow? It’s hard to think of a better solution for both quick and eco-friendly void filling.

Our commitment to bringing you the most comprehensive range of protective packaging and machinery on the market is unrelenting here at Simpson Packaging. With such other categories of products as adhesive tapes, cartons, pallet boxes, book wraps and even padlocks also represented across our various group brands such as White Rose Packaging and Self Pak, we think you’ll be thoroughly impressed with what we have to offer at our leading, family-oriented company.





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