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Almost regardless of what you intend to store and transport, in fact, you can expect to find a carton in the Simpson Packaging range that suits your requirements nicely

What’s in a carton? For once, we aren’t considering that question in a literal sense, for the answers that could be given are highly varied, but instead in the sense of the many forms that something as humble as a carton can take.

For evidence of that, just look to our own formidable selection of cartons here at Simpson Packaging, encompassing every obvious and non-obvious option from modular cartons and shipping cartons to garment transportation and all manner of specialised cartons. After all, almost regardless of the exact role that your own organisation plays in the removals, furniture and/or self-storage industries, it is practically guaranteed that you will need to make use of cartons from time to time.

That’s why, even when it comes to our most ‘basic’ modular cartons, we work hard to ensure we offer products that really are exceptionally designed and made and well-matched to your requirements. Such modular cartons are available from us in various stock sizes, including the likes of short/book box, large/tea chest and tall/china barrel, while their strength is assured by the use of high-quality, rigid flute, corrugated kraft board in their manufacture.

One other big advantage of our modular cartons is that they really are modular – they can be easily placed on top of and alongside each other to ensure that your available warehouse space is used efficiently. Even better news is that we also stock shipping cartons that are designed to complement them, with these latter cartons being made from heavy duty ‘Toughwall’ board.

However, there are also so many other cartons presently available from us that cater to even the most obscure requirements. Did you know, for instance, that we offer wardrobe cartons consisting of die-cut cases with a hinged access door and pre-cut carrying slots, so that your firm can store and transport garments so much more easily? Or perhaps your office business is looking to maximise its social responsibility, in which case, you might be interested in a cardboard recycling bin from us that couldn’t be more straightforward to assemble?

Almost regardless of what you intend to store and transport, in fact, you can expect to find a carton in the Simpson Packaging range that suits your requirements nicely. We offer heavy duty boxes for carrying such items as computers and bikes, for instance, but also cartons that can serve as pet carriers, and even mirror picture cartons with two open sides that enable them to be interlocked to accommodate especially large mirrors and pictures.

For all things cartons and other forms of protective packaging and security products, ranging from paper and polythene products to adhesive tapes, furniture and floor protection and even padlocks, you only need to trust one company – Simpson Packaging.







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