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Polythene Products

Simpson Packaging offer a large range of polythene products at competitive prices, with excellent availability and delivery.

Polythene Bags

An extensive range of polythene bags, in various sizes and thicknesses are available from stock. Polythene bags provide ideal protection from dust and moisture for a variety of products. Printed and bespoke bags can be manufactured upon request.

Ask our sales team about the extensive range of stock polythene bag sizes and thicknesses. We’re sure to have a polythene bag to suit your needs.

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Gripper Bags

Transparent polythene gripper bags can be resealed over and over again due to the plastic closing strip. Available plain, heavy duty or with a three strip write on panel. All stock sizes boxed in 1000’s. Gripper bags can be custom printed to your design. (Minimum order quantity applies)

Size (inches) Size (metric/mm) Plain (std) 45mu Write on 45 mu Plain H/D 87.5mu
1.5x2.5 38x64
2.25x2.25 57x57
2.25x3 57x76
3x3.25 76x83
3x7.5 76x191
3.5x4.5 89x114
4x5.5 102x140
4.5x4.5 114x114
5x7.5 127x191
5x8 127x203
5.5x5.5 140x140
6x9 152x229
7x10 178x254
7.5x7.5 191x191
8x11 203x279
8x12 203x305
9x12.75 229x324
10x14 254x356
10x18 254x457
11x16 279x406
12x16 305x406
12.75x12.75 324x324
15x20 381x508
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Polythene Furniture Covers

Our comprehensive stock range of polythene furniture covers offer the solution to dust protection in storage or transit. Ranging from mattress bags to settee covers, or dining chair covers to carpet sleeving. We have a cover to suit every application.

Product Size (inches) Size (mm) Std H/D Retail
Armchair Cover 72x54 1828x1370
2 Seater Cover 100x54 2540x1370
3 Seater Cover 120x54 3050x1370
4 Seater Cover 160x54 4064x1370
Dining Chair 28x44x66 711x1117x1676
Single Mattress (3'6") 42x52x86 1067x1320x2184
Kingsize Mattress (5') 60x68x89 1525x1730x2260
Super Kingsize Mattress (6') 72x88x93 1830x2235x2360
Carpet Sleeve 24x1200ft 610x360mtr
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Stretch Film & Pallet Wrap

Stretch Wrap is the most cost effective way to securely palletize your products. We stock a comprehensive range including flush and extended core hand film, black opaque security film, mini handy wrap bundling rolls and jumbo machine applied Stretch Wrap rolls.

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Q–Lite Pre–Stretch Film

Q-Lite pre-stretch film makes wrapping pallets easier and more efficient. There is no need to stretch the film thus giving less operator fatigue and back strain. Q-Lite allows for superior load holding, lower packaging cost, reduced waste and high tear and impact resistance.

Applying Q-Lite is quick, easy and safe:

  1. Q-Lite is already pre-stretched so needs less tension and is easier to apply. Unwind one metre of film and tie to the foot of the pallet.
  2. Wrap around the base of the load and the pallet 3-4 times to secure the two together.
  3. Continue to wrap around the load in an upward spiral motion allowing a 30-50% overlap.
  4. At each corner, stretch the film slightly and continue to wrap without using force.
  5. To finish, tear off the roll and secure the loose end to the pallet by applying light pressure with the palm of your hand.

Our new Q-Lite Coreless Pre-Stretch Film is ideal for environmentally aware companies. The Q-Lite Coreless Pre-Stretch Film is a cost effective choice when compared to standard pallet wrap rolls due to more wrap per roll, virtually no material wastage compared to traditional rolls and with the use of a plastic reusable dispenser meaning no cardboard cores requiring disposal.

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Stretch Wrap Machines

The transition from hand to machine wrapping is extremely cost effective due to the break and power pre-stretch machines savings on time, film cost and manpower. We supply a range of standard core along with accessories.

Machine Units Ecoplat Base Ecoplat
Plate diameter mm 1500 1500
Max. load weight Kg 1200 2000
Max. load height mm 2200 2200
Spool carriage   FRD FRD,PPS
Variable plate rotation speed RPM From 4 to 10 From 4 to 10
Variable spool carriage speed mt/min From 1 to 4 From 1 to 4
Power supply VAC 230 1 PH (±20%) 230 1 PH (±20%)
Power supply frequency Hz 50/60 50/60

Ecoplat Base: STD Film

  • Top / Bottom / Reinforcing Wraps
  • Upward / Downward Carriage Speed
  • Turntable Rotation Speed

Ecoplat: STD + PPS Film

  • All as Ecoplat Base
  • Manual Cycle
  • Eco Cycle
  • Manual Spool Carriage
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Polythene shrink film is available as preformed bags, centrefold or single wound sheeting depending on your application. Once heated this film fits like a second skin around the contours of a product. This gives protection against dust and moisture whilst offering stability when the product is palletised and easy identification. Available from stock.

Mobile dispensers are available for ease of use with single wound or centre folded shrinkwrap. These portable trolleys are also ideal for dispensing large perforated bags. The frame is sold with one spindle, others can be purchased separately to accommodate a range of widths and sizes of bag.

Code Size (mm) Approx. Length Weight Thickness
SF2 1000/2000 C/F 215mtr 50kg 500g/125mu
SF1 1500/3000 C/F 145mtr 50kg 500g/125mu
SF4 2000/4000 C/F 110mtr 50kg 500g/125mu
SFG1 1100/2100 Gusseted roll 102mtr 50kg 500g/125mu
SFG2 1300/2500 Gusseted roll 85mtr 50kg 500g/125mu
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Shrinkwrap Guns

Lightweight and user friendly the RIPACK 2200 is safe, portable, and economical. Supplied in its own case the kit includes a Ripack 2200 Gun, 8 metres of hose, safety regulator, adjustment spanner and instruction manual. Powered by propane gas. Mobile gas bottle trollies are available. The unique ‘Cold Nozzle’ means this durable, heavy duty shrinkgun is completely safe at all times as the flame and nozzle never come into contact. The flame is fanned out covering a greater area and speeding up the heating process. The Ripack 2200 is ergonomic, lightweight and easy to handle, reducing user fatigue and enhancing operator performance. A dual safety regulator, automatic shut off valve and dead mans handle make the Ripack 2200 a safe, reliable, high performance shrink system. (Propane gas not supplied.)

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Shrink Systems

The ‘L’ sealer and hood shrinkwrap machine seals and shrinks simultaneously using a single operator and can pack individual items or collate several. User friendly, the machine can be used in conjunction with either PVC or Polyolefin film.

An all in one, table top, complete shrink system that is ideal for quickly wrapping, sealing and shrinking film around products up to 800mm in width. The system is suitable for use with centrefold PVC or Polyolefin shrinkfilm, which is available in a range of widths and thicknesses.

Machine Specifications
Seal Dimensions 420mm x 550mm
Min. Pack Height 250mm
Speed Approx. 8 packs per minute.
Power Supply Single Phase 220/240 volt
Size 1320mm x 820mm x 645mm
Film Shrink PVC or Polyolefin. Max width 600/1200mm
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Carrier Bags

A wide range of carrier bags are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Vest style, reinforced punched out handles or rigid plastic handles can all be economically printed to your own design. Paper carrier bags with string handles and block bottoms are also available.

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Refuse, Rubble & Linen Bags

Refuse Bags come in a variety of sizes including those to suite wheelie bins, making the removal of refuse easy and economical. Robust Rubble Bags are ideal for holding sand, gravel and rocks. We also supply Blue Linen Bags which are perfect for moving clothing and bedding. Made of high density polythene, these bags are very strong and puncture resistant. Other colours are available on request.

Wire Ties and Plastic Cable Ties are available from stock, allowing bags to be sealed quickly, securely and with ease. Wire tie fastening tool sold separately.

Code Size Description
Bk1 18" x 29" x 39" Black Polythene Refuse Bags (x 200 per box)
Bk4 30" x 46" x 54" Black Polythene Wheelie Bin Bags (x 100 per box)
Bk5 18" x 29" x 39" Black Polythene Refuse Bags (x 20 per roll)
BL1 18" x 29" x 39" Blue Polythene Linen Bags (x 500 per box)
CPB5/9 24" X 36" 500g Rubble Bags (x200 per box)
CT01 300mm x 4.6mm Nylon Cable Ties (x1000 per box)
CT02 150mm x 3.6mm Nylon Cable Ties (x1000 per box)
CT03 275mm x 4.6mm Sequentially Numbered Cable Ties (x1000 per box)
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Polypropylene Sacks

Polypropylene heavy duty sacks are used throughout industry for packing heavy metal parts. Polypropylene sacks have a stitched end for extra durability and offer significant cost advantages. Customised printing is available. Polypropylene sacks are ideal for use as sand bags. This material can also be supplied as tubing and single wound sheet.

Code Size
PS01 18"x24"
PS02 20"x36"
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Lay Flat Tubing

Polythene Lay Flat Tubing is the easy and economical way to produce your own bags. Available in a wide stock range of sizes and thicknesses, the film can be clear or opaque for security. Lay Flat Tubing is also ideal protection for long, awkward items such as curtain poles, steel tubes or even large upholstery.

Size (inches) Size (mm) Roll weight (kg) (approx.) 62.5mu 250g Approx. length (mtr) 125mu 500g Approx. length (mtr)
2 50 2 175
3 75 3 350 175
4 100 4 350 175
6 152 6 350 175
8 203 8 350 175
10 254 10 350 175
12 304 12 350 175
14 354 14 350 175
16 406 16 350 175
20 506 20 350
24 606 24 350 175
30 758 30 350
36 914 25 245 120
40 1014 25 220 110
48 1217 25 185
50 1267 25 90
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Heat Sealers

Low cost heat sealing equipment is used in conjunction with lay flat tubing to make sealing quick and easy. The machines have a two way cutter and come in a range of widths. Unrolling device sold separately.

Automatic Heat Sealers are used for continuous sealing of polybags or tubing with an electronic timer and magnet.

Ask for a demonstration!

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Centre Folded Polythene Sheeting

Available in a range of stock sizes and thicknesses Centre Folded Polythene Sheeting is weatherproof, dust resistant and allows for easy handling and storage. The Centre Folded Polythene Sheeting is also ideal for protecting bulky items and large surfaces.

Code Width (mm) Length (mtr) Thickness
CSMD1 1000/2000 100 250g/62.5mu
CSHD1 1000/2000 50 500g/125mu
CSMD2 2000/4000 50 250g/62.5mu
CSHD2 2000/4000 25 500g/125mu
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