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Postal Products & Labeling

Ask our sales team about postal products.

Featherpost Bags

Available in white, gold and heavy duty oyster material, Featherpost bubble lined mailers have a self adhesive strip allowing fast secure sealing to this tough, lightweight, cost reducing postal product. Featherpost Bags can be custom printed up to 2 colours and biodegradable Featherpost bags are also available for those who wish to use an environmentally friendly bubble lined mailer.

Code Ref. Internal Size (mm) Suggested Uses Carton Quantity
FB1 A/000 110x165 Jewellery, watches 200
FB2 B/00 120x215 Floppy Disks 200
FB3 C/0 150x215 CD’s 100
FB4 D/1 180x265 A5, DVD’s, videos 100
FB5 E/2 220x265 Small giftware 100
FB6 F/3 220x335 Desk diaries, software 100
FB7 G/4 240x335 A4, brochures, literature 100
FB8 H/5 270x360 Books 100
FB10 J/6 300x445 Small clothing 50
FB11 K/7 350x470 A3 50
FB12 L 460x660 Mail order, multi products, clothing 50
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Jiffy Padded Bags

These tough, tear resistant padded bags for mailing are ideal for posting heavy or bulky items. They are environmentally friendly being manufactured from macerated paper fibre and having a 90gsm kraft outer.

Code Ref Size (internal) Box Qty
JFPB03 0 135x229mm 200
JFPB14 1 165x280mm 100
JFPB5 2 195x280mm 100
JFPB7 3 195x343mm 100
JFPB09 4 225x343mm 100
JFPB11 5 245x381mm 100
JFPB13 6 295x458mm 50
JFPB15 7 341x483mm 50
JFPB816 8 442x661mm 50
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Mailing Bags

Our mailing bags are made from a blue opaque metallic film in various sizes. They are lightweight, weatherproof and durable. A secure self-seal closure makes the mailing bags ideal for mail order dispatch.

Co-extruded mailers (white outer / black inner) size: 320mm x 475mm are also available.

Code Size (mm) Flap (mm) Thickness (mu) Box Quantity
MB01 230x355 50 55 500
MB02 330x485 50 55 500
MB03 430x560 50 55 250
MB04 485x740 50 55 250
MB05 700x800 50 55 200
MB06 850x950 50 55 100
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Document Enclosed Wallets

Plain or printed document enclosed wallets are self-adhesive, waterproof and secure. Available individually in box quantities or in roll form, they are quick and easy to use allowing documentation to reach its destination safely, giving a direct saving on increasing postal costs. The document enclosed wallets can be custom printed with up to 3 colours. (minimum order quantity 10,000) Retail packs and new Biodegradable document enclosed wallets are also available.

Size (internal) Style   Box Quantity
A7 113x100mm Printed 1000
A6 158x120mm Plain / Printed 1000
A5 225x165mm Plain / Printed 1000
A4 325x235mm Plain / Printed 500
A6 Pouch Tape 165x110mm Printed 66mtr roll (330 pouches)
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Postal Tubes

Cardboard postal tubes are not just ideal for posting documents and posters but also heavier items such as tripods, steel bars and other long industrial items.

We stock a postal tube from stock measuring 676mm x 76mm (ID) x 2mm (wall) with end caps. But a full range of diameters, lengths and colours are available to order. When ordering postal tubes, add 30mm to the usable length to allow for the end caps and have the wall thickness and diameter required available.

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Manilla Paper Tags

Ideal for identification of products, manilla paper tags are available ex-stock with string ties or copper clips. There are 1,000 manilla paper tags per pack and the size is 120mm x 60mm. Other sizes and custom printing are available on request.

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DVD/CD Postal Packs

Suitable for mailing CDs and DVDs, these cardboard postal packs are pre-creased for rapid folding around the product and are secured with a self-sealing closure strip.

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Self Adhesive Card Envelopes

Self Adhesive Card envelopes are available in various sizes:

Envelope Sizes
157 x 250mm
215 x 270mm
240 x 315mm
265 x 350mm
320 x 455mm

The card envelopes are ideal for posting products susceptible to bending, such as photographs, certificates and documents, etc.

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Garment Tagging

Fasteners are used in hundreds of different applications, the most common being garment tagging. For garment tagging alone there is a wide range of fasteners available varying in size and thickness. Many types of guns and needles are also available to suit your application. The standard fastener is suitable when there is no risk of fabric damage and the micro fastener and fine fabric fastener can be used for more delicate tagging.

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At Simpson Packaging we print in house on our own label machines. A wide range of label sizes and colours are available from stock. Supplied on rolls, labels can be supplied plain or printed to your design.

Label Sizes From Stock

Inches mm
1.5"x1" 38x25mm
3"x2" 75x50mm
4"x5" 100x125mm
4"x6" 100x150mm

Available in Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, Violet, White and Yellow.

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Parcel Labels

We offer a range of parcel labels from shock showing a variety of warnings and instructions. They are available on rolls and in various for use in any warehouse or packing room application.

Please contact a member of our sales team about other parcel labels that are available.

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Hazard Warning Labels

All our Hazard Warning Labels are manufactured on high quality vinyl material with a permanent adhesive backing. Size: 100mm x 100mm. Supplied on rolls of 250.

Please ask about other available Hazard Warning Labels

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Custom Printed Labels

We are able to supply custom printed labels to your design with full colour print. A variety of materials from paper to vinyl are available with matt or high quality varnished finishes to enhance your labels and make them ideally suited for whatever application is required.

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Moving & Storage Labels

Moving & Storage Labels clearly mark which packed items are from which room. This makes the job of unpacking quicker and easier and also reduces the chance of losing items. It can speed up a house removal as removers will know where to re position goods.

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Computer Labels & Printer Ribbons

A full range of computer labels and printer ribbons are available on rolls, A4 sheets or sprocket fed printer sheets in a wide variety of sizes. These white self adhesive computer labels ensure sharp and accurate print results every time.

Please contact our sales team for further details on the full range available

Printer ribbons are also available in a range of colours for most brands of direct thermal or thermal transfer printers.

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Label Dispensers

Label Dispensers are available in a range of widths and offer an efficient solution to speed up your packing operation. Hand held dispensers are also available.

Bench type label dispenser, available sizes: 80mm, 110m, 210m and 315mm.

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