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Protective Packaging

Simpson Packaging offer a large range of protective packaging at competitive prices, with excellent availability and delivery.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is possibly the most versatile of all packaging products. Cost-effective and lightweight, bubble wrap is strong, shock resistant and user friendly, offering superb protection, cushioning and void fill. We offer a comprehensive range of standard and large bubble wrap sizes with widths from 150mm to 2400mm.

Specialist bubble wrap includes Anti–Static (Pink colour) bubble wrap for the protection of electronic devices, heavy duty bubble wrap, flame retardant bubble wrap, self adhesive bubble wrap, perforated bubble wrap in roll or sheet form, double laminated bubble wrap and UV resistant bubble wrap. Please contact a member of our sales team for further details.

Bubble wrap can be supplied in mini rolls for smaller users or for resale in retail environments such as shops or self storage centers. We offer two pre packed stock sizes:

Code Size
SDB8 500mm x 10mtr (Shrink Wrapped)
SDB9 750mm x 25mtr (Bagged)

Other sizes are available to order. Packs can be custom branded - ask for details (minimum order quantities apply)

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Biodegradable Bubble Wrap

Biodegradable bubble wrap is the most eco-friendly bubble wrap available. This environmentally responsible protective bubble wrap is safe to be deposited in landfill sites and will then naturally degrade over a period of time.

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Bonus Bubble

Bonus Bubble offers a double length 200 meter roll. The film is tighter wound making it only one and a half times bigger than a standard 100 meter roll. This is more cost effective as only one cardboard core and outer bag are required and space is saved in transporting the product and storage. Bonus Bubble is available in a range of widths of standard size bubble wrap.

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Softline Bubble Blankets

Simpson Packaging is proud to be the UK’s leading distributor of Softline Bubble Blanket.

Designed specifically for the protection of all types of furniture during transit and storage, Softline Bubble Blanket offers not only the versatility of ‘Bubble on a roll’, but provides greater flexibility and reduces waste compared with other traditional forms of furniture protection or export wrap.

The unique Softline tissue, which is laminated to the inside of the bubble blanket has absorbent qualities second to no other form of furniture protection export wrap on the market. The soft tissue surface prevents resin marks being left on the furniture. Available from stock in standard rolls of, 1200mm x 100mtr or 1500mm x 100mtr. Softline Bubble Blanket is made from a special blend of polymers and films, offering a strong, shower-proof, user friendly form of protection. Softline Bubble Blanket can also be custom printed to your specification.

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Bubble Bags/Pouches

Preformed Bubble Bags/Pouches offer a lightweight protection against knocks and bumps. A self adhesive strip allows the bubble bags to be sealed securely and a smooth inner ensures that products can slide in and out with ease. Available in a range of stock sizes (Standard Bubble or Antistatic). The bubble bags can also be made from coloured metallic bubble for maximum presentation impact. Bespoke bubble bags can also be manufactured to order so please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Code Size + flap (mm) Box Qty Std AS
SBB01 100x135 + 30 750
SBB02 130x185 + 30 500
SBB03 180x230 + 30 300
SBB04 230x280 + 30 300
SBB05 280x360 + 30 200
SBB06 305x435 + 30 120
SBB07 380x425 + 30 100
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Sanflex Insulation

Sanflex Bubble Insulation is available in 3 forms

  • 2B2 – a double layer of polyethylene bubble sheet, faced on each side with coated aluminium foil.
  • 2B1 – a single layer of polyethylene bubble sheet, faced on each side with coated aluminium foil.
  • 1B1 – a single layer of polyethylene bubble sheet, faced on one side with coated aluminium foil.

Agrément Certificate – Available on request.

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Foam Rolls

Polyethylene foam rolls are clean, tough, non-abrasive and moisture resistant. Manufactured from millions of air filled cells, foam offers shape retention, uniform protection and cost effectiveness. Foam rolls are available ex-stock in a comprehensive range of widths, lengths and thicknesses. Specialist foam rolls include, kraft laminated foam rolls, cohesive foam rolls, foam sheets and foam pouches. Polyethylene foam can also be expanded to form shapes, blocks and angles for the ultimate in shockproof protection.

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Corrugated Paper Rolls

Single-faced corrugated paper rolls offer low cost general purpose protection packaging for a multitude of applications. Manufactured entirely from recycled paper, corrugated paper rolls are available in standard 75mtr length rolls and a variety of widths from 50mm to 2500mm.

Corrugated paper rolls can also be manufactured to specific widths or as pre-cut sheet sizes or with a self adhesive coating.

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Polystyrene is one of the most versatile and inexpensive packaging materials available on the market today. Polystyrene is available in sheets or can be manufactured to your design to meet your packaging needs. Polystyrene beads are also available on request.

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Foam Profiles

Polyethylene foam profiles are the answer to many edge protection problems. They are manufactured from LDPE foam to provide maximum cushioning and impact resistance. A variety of foam profile shapes and sizes are available to suit any application. ‘U’ profiles are designed with integrated grip to fit securely onto edges. ‘L’ shape foam profiles are ideal for right angle edges and screen-guard is ideal for glass.

“U” Profile

Ref. (U) Length A mm Length B mm Length C mm Length D mm Colour Length m m / box
08/18 8 10 18 30 blue 2 400
15/25 15 10 25 30 blue 2 340
20/35 20 10 35 35 blue 2 260
25/42 25 12 42 45 blue 2 190
40/60 40 13 60 50 blue 2 144
60/80 60 14 80 58 blue 2 90
80/100 80 16 100 60 blue 2 64
110/130 110 20 130 64 blue 2 32

“L” Profile

Ref. (L) Length A mm Length B mm Colour Length m m / box
50/60 50 6 blue 2 480
75/10 75 10 blue 2 210

System Profile

Ref. (C) Length A mm Length B mm Colour Length m m / box
52/24 52 24 blue 2 160
60/30 60 30 blue 2 140
80/40 80 40 blue 2 84
95/50 95 50 blue 2 50

Screen Guard

Ref. (SG) Length A mm Length B mm Length C mm Colour Length m m / roll
33/26 26 33 13 blue n/a 400
34/20 19 32 13 brown n/a 500

Heavy Duty “U” Profile

Ref. (UGT) Length A mm Length B mm Length C mm Length D mm Colour Length m m / box
23 10 30 21 80 blue 1 65
30 25 27 30 80 grey 1 66

“O” Profile

Ref. Length A mm Length B mm Colour Length m m / box
9 x 15 9 15 grey 2 300
9 x 22 9 22 grey 2 200
9 x 42 9 42 grey 2 110
13 x 114 13 114 grey 2 24

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Foam Corners

A full range of ‘UT’ profile foam corners are ex-stock. To find out which size foam corner profile will best suit your packaging needs, please refer to the table below. These are ideal for tables, doors and panels.

Code Profile To Fit Width Box Quantity
NFC01 U-15 5mm - 15mm 900
NFC02 U-25 15mm - 25mm 600
NFC03 U-35 25mm - 35mm 400
NFC04 U-45 35mm - 45mm 300
NFC05 U-60 45mm - 60mm 200
NFC06 U-80 60mm - 80mm 160

Three point corner protectors are available in expanded polystyrene (EPS) or closed cell non-abrasive foam (PE). Both products are lightweight and shock resistant.

Material Size (mm) Thickness (mm) Pack Qty
Polystyrene / EPS 60x60x60 20 500
Polyethylene / PE 60x60x60 15 1300
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Plastic Corner Protectors

Three types of plastic corner protectors are available from stock. Expanding corners stretch to size for use with varying widths, closed corner protectors for products of the same thickness and open corners for three point surfaces.

Size (mm) Box Qty Type
60x60x28 1000 Open Corner
60x60x15 1000 Closed Corner
60x60x18 1000 Closed Corner
60x60x22 850 Closed Corner
60x60x28 700 Closed Corner
60x60x40 600 Closed Corner
Medium to suit 16–40mm 1000 Expanding Corner
Large to suit 35–70mm 250 Expanding Corner
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Cardboard Edge Protectors

Solid cardboard edge protectors are available in standard one meter “L” shape lengths. Both “L” shape and “U” shape profiles can also be made to your requirements. They have a number of uses: illustrated below are just a few examples. Other uses would be to stabilise pallets, protect products from strapping and they can be used to reinforce cartons. Custom printing is also available.

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Self Adhesive Foam Blocks

Self Adhesive Polyethylene Foam Blocks are manufactured from closed cell foam and have one surface coated with a permanent adhesive. This allows the self adhesive foam blocks to be firmly secured on the inside of cartons to protect the contents from movement and damage. The self adhesive foam blocks are supplied in sheet form.

Size: 75x75x25mm (1000 per box)

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Plastic Corrugated Sheeting

Plastic Corrugated Sheeting can be used as floor protection or for wrapping around damage prone areas, such as door frames. Plastic Corrugated Sheeting is available ex-stock and to your own specification, with a custom print option available. Flame retardant material can also be supplied.

Size: 1000mm x 2000mm - Black

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Plastic Protective Sleeving

Plastic protective sleeving is ideal for a wide range of applications from small components and chair legs to bottles and bulky machine parts. The expanding plastic protective sleeving mesh is resistant to grease and oil and allows the product to breath.

Code Min/Max (mm) Roll Length (m) Colour
TP010 10–20 200 violet
TP020 25–50 200 blue
TP050 35–70 200 yellow
TP075 50–75 200 brown
TP100 50–100 200 red
TP140 70–160 200 ochre
TP180 125–200 50 light green
TP230 150–300 100 blue
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Foam Door / Lift Protector

Expanding Foam Door / Lift Protectors “Jammers” offer fast and effective protection to door frames, entrances and lifts. This is ideal for domestic or commercial moves.

Size: 13mm (Wall) x 114mm (ID) X 200mm (L)

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Flo-Pak® Green loosefill/voidfill chips are made from 100% recycled EPS material. The cushioning chips interlock to fill up all the voids in a box. The Flo-Pak® is dust free and supplied in 15 cu ft bags. (1720mm (H) x 700mm (W) x 350mm (D))

Gravity fed loosefill hopper dispenser systems are also available. Please refer to Warehouse and Handling Equipment

Cost effective: Cheaper than polystyrene voidfill
Environmentally aware: Made from sustainable raw materials
Easy disposal: One good rain shower and Ecoflow is gone
Not subject to waste packaging regulations: Unlike paper, plastic and polystyrene
High performance: Resilient, cushioning and protective
Dust free: Lowest static loosefill available
100% Recyclable: Totally biodegradable
Odour free. No smell
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Air Cushion Machines

The Mini Pak’R is a small, versatile system that allows you to produce air cushions on demand. Available to purchase, it is an easy to use machine with no compressed air needed and comes with a 12 month warranty. The Mini Pak’R can produce 5 types of air cushions at a rate of 7.5mtr per minute. Weighing only 6kg, this compact, lightweight, portable machine is ideal for any voidfill user, where storage space is at a minimum.

One of the most popular air cushion machines on the market, the Mini Pak’R is available to purchase with no minimum roll usage requirements. All the different film types below will run through the machine along with standard cello film.

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Opus & Cello II Machines

For large scale packing environments these fast, reliable and easy to use machines are a cost effective way of solving your voidfill problems. Both run biodegradable cushions which can be recycled or will break down through composting over a period of time.

Monthly rental or free rental options are available subject to material usage. Custom printed film is also available.

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Opus Paper Filler

This is the ideal machine for efficient, environmentally friendly void filling. The Opus Paper Filler is controlled by a foot operated pedal for fast paper flow with an integrated guillotine allowing a quick, clean cut. The high volume crumple paper produced provides low cost per cubic metre.

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Waste Convertor

Convert your waste boxes and corrugated board into free packaging and voidfill. A range of Waste Convertors machines are available depending on your packaging application.

Ask for a no obligation demonstration on any of our voidfill machines

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If you need to ensure that your products arrive safely and intact at their destination, Shockwatch is the answer. These self adhesive warning labels which are applied directly to packages warn of any robust handling during transit. If mishandling has occurred where the package is dropped from above a pre-determined height, the warning indicator will turn from clear to red. There are five colour coded sensitivities designed to activate at certain drop heights available in the Shockwatch range.

Colour Activation Height (Approx) G Rating (approx)
Green 120cm 100g
Orange 90cm 75g
Red 47cm 50g
Purple 33cm 38g
Yellow 30cm 20g
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