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Warehouse & Handling Equipment

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Packing Room Equipment

For maximum space efficiency and a faster packing process we offer a complete range of Packing Room Furniture. Easy to assemble, practical and hard wearing the modular stations will keep the packing room clean, efficient and productive. Extra features can be added such as drawers, mobility castors, IT equipment mounts and waste containers.

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Knives & Safety Cutters

A range of Knives & Safety Cutters are available to cater for every application from carton opening to stretch film cutting. (Replacement blades sold separately)

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Janitorial Supplies

A full range of janitorial supplies are available including bulk packed toilet tissue, centre-folded jumbo hand-wipes, industrial hand cleaners, dispensers and wiping rags.

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First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits are available ex-stock. Convenient van/vehicle packs or larger kits for the warehouse/office environment are available.

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Moisture Controls

Silica Gel Sachets are moisture controls which prevent corrosion damage to delicate or valuable items. The product is ideal for long distance transportation (land, sea or air) and will work in extreme humidity or temperature. When in containers the Silica Gel Sachets will absorb up to 25% of their weight whilst still remaining dry. The recommended usage is 5g per cubic ft.

Bag Size (lxw) Sachet Weight Absorbs Approx. Pack Qty.
65x20mm 3g 1g 250
110x78mm 50g 15g 100
130x98mm 100g 30g 100
200x105mm 250g 80g 50
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Transport Related Products

A range of digital and analogue Tachograph products are available including:

  • Analogue Tachograph charts
  • Tachograph paper wallets (for storage of charts)
  • Approved premium quality digital Tachograph rolls
  • 3 In 1 download tool (ensures compliance with tachograph regulations)
  • Driver vehicle check & defect books (driver copy/office copy duplicated pad meets requirements for your operators licence.)
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Our range of Alutruck® standard trucks offer a professional truck to suit any application you may require.

  • 300Kg load capacity.
  • Alutruck® is manufactured from lightweight aluminium which is stronger than steel.
  • Engineered components – precision ball bearing axles for smoother running.
  • Longer lasting – modular construction allows for fitting of upgraded or replacement parts.
  • No welding, no stress cracks, just tighten up the nuts and bolts if required.
  • Retains new like appearance year after year as there is no chipped paintwork or rust.
  • Puncture proof tyres.
  • The Alutruck® can be customized with you own company name and logo.

Please ask a member of our sales team about custom built Alutruck® to suit your needs

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Sack Trucks

Our range of standard general purpose Sack Trucks are manufactured to the highest specification offering maximum strength and durability.

Code: Description:
ST1: Heavy Duty Sack Truck, 300kgs Capacity
ST2: Standard Duty Sack Truck, 200kgs Capacity
ST3: Heavy Duty Super Truck, 300kgs Capacity
ST4: Angle Iron Sack Truck, 300kgs Capacity

A variety of truck spares are also available including replacement wheels and rubber hand grips.

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Heavy Duty ‘U’ Handle Truck

Our heavy duty ‘U’ handle steel sack truck is for transporting goods in tight space areas. The ‘U’ handle truck offers comfort during use and prevents fatigue. The truck has solid puncture proof tyres and a carrying capacity of 300kgs.

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Piano Moving Equipment

The ‘Piano Truck’ as its name indicates is specially designed for moving pianos, however it has a proven track record for moving other heavy equipment. Manufactured from robust aluminium, with non-marking rubber buffers, the Piano Truck can be used in conjunction with hardwood Piano Skids and ‘Coversafe’ piano covers.

The piano is secured to the Piano Skid using heavy duty over centre tensioner straps, available in a range of different lengths to suit all applications.

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Alutruck® Stair Climber Truck

The heavy duty Alutruck Stair Climber Truck has two sets of three triangular set wheels which rotate to climb steps. It has a solid extended 405x305mm foot plate for bulky items and weighs only 18kg. Capacity is 180kg when climbing or 300kg on ground level.

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Carpet & Roll Trolley

The carpet and roll trolley has a carrying capacity of 500kgs. Made from heavy duty tubular steel and with 350mm pneumatic (Air Filled) tyres. Its dimensions are: 1700mm long x 540mm wide x 600mm high.

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Cash & Carry/Self Store Trolley

A strong tubular steel powder coated construction with zinc plated steel platform, which is spring loaded for nesting, makes this truck ideal for use in Self Storage warehouses or Cash ‘n’ Carry retail environments. 200mm rubber tyre wheels provide a maximum capacity of 615kgs.

Platform size: 1195mm x 635mm.

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Furniture Stands

A range of mobile and static Furniture Stands are available in various sizes and specifications. The stands have a space saving nesting facility and are ideal for transporting, storing and displaying furniture on.

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Budget Platform Truck

Features of the budget platform truck include:

  • Handle folds flat for easy storage
  • Durable, high quality aluminium decks
  • Cost-effective moving solution
  • Range of platforms to suit your needs.
Unfolded (mm) 740(l) x 470(w) x 810(h)
Folded (mm) 740(l) x 470(w) x 250(h)
Weight 9.6kg
Wheel Dia. 100mm
Load Capacity 150kg
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Pallet Trucks

Our hand Pallet Trucks are, quick and easy to use, strong and robust with a lifting capacity of 2500kg. The Pallet Truck is fitted with polyurethane wheels which allow a quiet, smooth operation.

PT2: 550mm (w) x 1150mm (L) (Bespoke sizes are also available to order)

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Roller Crowbar

The Roller Crowbar can be used to lever up and position smaller machinery items or packing cases.

  • A Lever bar of strong steel tube on two smooth running steel rollers
  • 2000mm long for extra leverage
  • Heavy duty construction
Capacity 1.5 tonnes
Type of Roller Steel
Roller Dia. 75mm
Max Skate Height 145mm
Net Weight 13kg
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Heavy Duty Furniture Mover

This heavy duty Furniture Mover has a robust lifting mechanism that can be safely operated by one person. The Furniture Mover is sold in sets, including two transport units with a safety spindle winch, safety stop and built in securing straps. This makes it ideal for removal, maintenance and installation applications using the winch with crank handle and gear mechanism.

  • Support rails with protective covering
  • Powder coated finish
  • Manual operation
  • Non-marking polyurethane wheels
Upright (mm) 570(l) x 390(w) x 780(h)
Toe Plate Size (mm) 255(w) x 120(h)
Net Weight 25kg
Load Capacity 600kg
Lifting Height 300mm
Strap Length 5 metres
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Metal Wardrobe Frames

Metal wardrobe frames are ideal for garment storage and transportation. The portable inter-stacking metal wardrobe frames ensure minimum space usage, whilst shower-proof nylon covers fit snuggly over the frame for protection.

A heavy duty mobile frame is also available with a rail width of 1500mm set on 100mm diameter rubber tyre wheels for larger clothing transportation requirements.

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Dolly Trucks

A range of Dolly Trucks are available in various platform sizes to suit all applications. Rubber topped for low slip, the trucks have a pre cut carry handle and nylon castor wheels to avoid floor marking. Ex-stock or custom built to your specification, Dolly Trucks are the ideal accessory for moving heavy boxes and plastic crates thereby reducing lifting and carrying stresses.

Code Size
DT1 18" x 18"/450 x 450mm
DT2 15" x 24"/380 x 600mm
DT3 21" x 21"/530 x 530mm
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For fast and efficient access we have a range of aluminium constructed ramps. Robust and durable, they are cost effective and maintenance free. Walk-on two stage ramps allow easy access to vehicles being loaded or unloaded, while the heavy duty vehicle ramp is ideal for loading cars and small vans for transportation.

Anti-Slip Paint and Anti-Slip Adhesive Tape are also available. This can be easily applied to ramps and vehicle tailboards to increase grip.

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